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Install Nice Chat at your customers sites and get a stable income during the entire period of using the chat.

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Install Nice Chat widget at customers sites
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Get up to 30% of the payments of your customers

More Customers — More Profit

With growth of customers number the percentage of your royalty increases.

10 - 99 100+ 1 - 9 20% 25% 30% $ Your Profit Customers
Engage {
1 customer and get 20% 10 customers and get 25% 100+ customers and get 30%
} of each payment

A few words from our Partners

CTO at Tolleson & Son

It takes me 5 minutes to install the Nice Chat script for each of my clients and maybe another 10 to explain what to do next. It's simple, it's working and it's making me money.

CEO at Freddy's Designs

Integrating Nice Chat for my clients made me more client-oriented because now their success is my success.

COO at

We install the Nice Chat to almost all of our customers. This is a great source of passive and also active income when our clients want to make some custom chat integrations with their sites.


I had a few clients who I thought would be interested in using chat for increasing sales and found the best fit in Nice Chat. My choice pays back now :)

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